Buy A BindiLee Original

BindiLee custom paints to suit your requirement. Please contact on for a quote.

All artwork are on non stretched canvas and come with a certificate of authenticity

Please Note: All the artwork on are originals and are not for sale. They are examples of previous works and will not be replicated.

Price Guide

Square Rectangle
30cm x 30cm $50+ p&h 60cm x 30 cm $200+ p&h
45cm x 45 cm $110+ p&h 80cmx 50cm $440+ p&h
60cm x 60cm $400+ p&h 100cm x 70cm $770+ p&h
75cm x 75cm $615+ p&h 120cm x 75cm $990+ p&h
Other Long and Skinny
Stubbie Coolers $15+ p&h 80cm x 25cm $220+ p&h
Photo Frames $25+ p&h 80cm x 25cm $220+ p&h
Boomerangs $30+ p&h 115cm x 30cm $380+ p&h